Laser Wart Treatment

Laser Wart Treatment in Washington Heights, Inwood and New York NY

Warts are benign skin growths that develop as a result of a viral infection. While warts are nothing to worry about and will go away on their own, if you are dealing with warts on the soles of your feet (known as plantar warts), then you may experience pain when standing or walking. In this case, Elizabeth Youngewirth, DPM, PLLC can help you remove these painful warts through laser therapy.

How does Laser Wart Treatment Work?

While there is no cure for HPV, the virus responsible for warts, our podiatrists do offer ways to remove the wart and to treat the symptoms associated with plantar warts. We work with all of our patients to find the right treatment option to meet their needs. While plantar warts can be removed through traditional cryotherapy (freezing) and cauterization, both can also leave the healthy skin around the wart damaged. Laser therapy is more targeted and exact, which preserves more healthy tissue of the feet.

Laser therapy uses heat to destroy the wart and infected tissue. This procedure is performed right here in our office under the supervision and direction of our podiatrists and it usually takes just a few minutes to complete.

What are the Benefits of Laser Wart Treatment?

There are many advantages to this cutting-edge technology and treatment option for patients dealing with stubborn and difficult-to-treat warts. First, it’s incredibly precise and controlled, allowing our podiatrists to easily target the wart or warts of the feet while leaving healthy tissue around the growth unharmed. The procedure also doesn’t require any dressings or anesthesia, and it offers a shorter treatment time than other wart removal options.

When is Laser Wart Treatment Recommended?

Laser therapy may be a better option for wart removal if you are dealing with widespread or large warts on your feet that are difficult to treat through other methods. If you’ve tried other treatment options and methods and they haven’t worked, then it may be time to consider laser treatment. If you are pregnant and dealing with plantar warts, our laser system can be a safe way to treat this skin problem.

Do you have questions about getting laser wart treatment? If so, call (212) 567-6126 Elizabeth Youngewirth, DPM, PLLC today to learn more, or to schedule a consultation with us. Serving Washington Heights, Inwood and New York, NY.

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